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SACK Documentation.

SACK is System Abstraction Component Kit. It is a library of many small modular blocks that serve as a generic application interface for any platform. Write once, compile and run anywhere.


I guess I copied the Dekware documentation here. Dekware is a custom scripting engine that allows for user definable commands to new new things. It works really well as a terminal interface to MUD (Multi User Dungoens) systems; providing macros and triggers easily definable inline and loadable from script files.

It can interface as any sort of terminal, to command prompts, bash, for instance, I never implemented a SSH filter. THe device interface layer are small pluggable filters on the data streams input and output of objects.

Javascript Stuff

I've come to learn JS has grown up into a very usable langauge which is both rapid to develop in and performant to get jobs done that run in small times.

Anything else?

Ya, reformatting all of it to be better with newfound JS knowledge 🙃😶.

Maybe Some other details?

SACK Has a number of binary products
ppcPanthers' Preprocess for C. This is just a proprocess for C. It can process various '#' proeprocessor directives and spit out expanded C. It can also be used to amalgamate sources into other source blobs.
AutomatonA simple test of neural network engine; It used to have 'bodies' in a 'world' that had walls they could crawl around in. That world project sort of split into 'flatland' and never reintegrated.
Chain ReactionA simple turn based strategy game.
DekwareDekware scripting environment/mud client/interactive shell
InterShellFull screen gui shell interface for rapid application development. Loads plugins to provide extra functionality.
Stock MarketStock market board game. Copy of game by same name produced by Western Publishing.
Banner CommandShows full screen click-to-continue sort of messages. Can be used for integration with batch files for large font notifications.
CrossFadeThis is sort of an image/video slideshow program. It has a configurable crossfade between 'pages'.
Edit OptionsSACK internally is configured with its own configuration settings stored in a Sqlite database by default, but can use other databases via ODBC instead. This is a simple gui program to edit those options.
File MIrrorWatches files in a directory for changes and sends them somewhere else. This works a lot like rsync. Has a gui remote interface.
get_display_positionOn windows, it is sometimes handy to be able to get the position of 'Display 2'. THis takes a command line argument of the display number and returns the x,y,width and height of that display.
http_serverA simple HTTP server. This was ment to be extended by domain-path specific plugins.. handling something like a dynamic REST interface
image_colorizerTakes an image and colors to map RGB channels to... changes images for HTTP CGI sort of support
Launch PadBefore other things were known as launchpad. This utility was created as a remote launch-pad to launch tasks from, and a launch-command which sends commands to launchpads to start tasks. Used for simple system orchestration
lstripLine Strip which removes or inserts carriage return characters into files. Can also rmeove newlines and produce \r or no newline files.
msgsvrA core message router for services using SYSVIPC message queues.
nameofgets the name of an ip.
ipofgets the ip of a name.
ping/tracerouteReally just a test interface the internal ping command, which can be used for traceroute by adjustging TTL.
pcopyWindow Program COpy. This will copy a program and all of its referenced DLLS into a new location. (SACK kind of merges a lot into one directory for the output, so this allow sepration of programs and its related dependancies).
proxyJust a transparent TCP proxy. Accepts connectsions at A, makes connection to B, relays all data from A to B and B to A.
psi_cmdshellUses internal GUI system to show a window with either cmd.exe or like bash running in the background.
pssqlcmdSimple SQL utility command line utility. Accpets '?' as a query of '!' as a command.
rebootRemove monitor/reboot utlity. Reboot monitor can reboot a system if it has not been kicked after a certain time. (After it has been kicked the first time.) Is just a simple system watchdog in case of catestrophic failure.
relay_serverSimlar to proxy, but this just relays UDP from A to B.
scan_addressesUses the ping library to scan a subnet to detect computers on the network
scan_portsUses simple TCP connection to test connectivity of a single system through a range of ports
sylog.loggerListens on UDP port 514 (?) for syslog messages. (Windows UDP syslog support). THe logging library allows specifying UDP broadcast or directed logging for systems which may have no disk access, or that getting to a disk log would be inconvenient.
video_playerNo frills video player. Supports play/pause and adjusting skew of video and sound timing. Just uses ffmpeg.
unicode_to_asciiConvert files to and from utf-16 and utf-8.

Documents and Writings

Some ramblings about bugbrain neural networks

Chain reaction help/documentation

Dekware language update Doc

InterShell documentation - Users Manual, Developer Interface, Configuration File Format

Natural Camera - Ramblings on temporal stability of iteritive updates on matrixes