Console Plugin

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The console plugin provides a command console input to nexus.  Only one console window may be opened for any windows application. 

console No additional parameters are required to invoke a console parser. example: /command "console"
This is one of the commands performed by MOOSE when created.
Additional Commands
SETCOLOR [foreground] [background] Sets the default and current color of the display to the foreground and background specified. If the background color is omitted, the current background is used, and only the foreground color changes. Possible colors: black, blue, green, cyan, red, brown, magenta, grey, darkgrey, lightblue, lightgreen, lightcyan, lightred, lightmagenta, yellow, white.
LINES [line count] Sets the number of lines of continuous output which may be displayed before the output is paused.
KEYBIND [Key] <keystroke>   (see here for key list) If data is specified after the keyname, this data is treated as a keystroke. A keystroke is a set of characters entered as if they were typed. If no keystroke is specified, then commands following are recorded as actions to be done when the key is pressed.

For example:

/keybind F10
/echo F10 key was pressed!
NOTE: Key macros are terminated the same as normal macros.

KEYUNBIND [Key] Removes a macro or keystroke which was No additional commands are provided by this plugin.

The console plugin allows commands to be entered in a DOS type command window.  Some special keys work for command entry.

  • Escape - clear current command.
  • Up Arrow - Recall the last command entered.
  • Down Arrow - Recall the next command.  If you have used up arrow to recall a command, down will step through the next commands.
  • Left Arrow - Steps the cursor one space left.
  • Right Arrow - Steps the cursor one space right.
  • Enter - Issue the command
  • Home - Go to the beginning of the command line.
  • End - Go to the end of the command line.
  • Backspace - deletes the character to the left of the cursor.
  • Delete - Deletes the character to the right of the cursor.
  • Insert - Toggle between insert/overwrite.  No indication of current mode.