About Plugins

Plugins extend the basic Dekware engine.  Plugins provide additional commands, all devices, may create objects, add object specific commands, and may store information on existing objects.  Devices provided by plugins are accessed using either the /OPEN,/PARSE or /COMMAND commands. 

Devices - Describes devices and device characteristics.

Cards - Provides objects to build card games...

Console - Provides console input device

Curses Console - Provides curses based console input device for unix

Terminal - Provides network extensions

File - Provides file access

ODBC - Provides MS ODBC database access

Virtuality - Provides virtual-reality engine

System - Provides Microsoft system extensions

Spider - Provides a web site spider

Trigger - Allows automated options on input data stream.

Windows Console - Windows Multiple Document Interface console

Filters - Command and Data datapath filters.

New - How to write a new plugin