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The following table lists functions in this documentation.

This is function sack::containers::text::BuildLineExEx. 
define BuildLineEx(b,pt,single) BuildLineEx(b,pt,single DBG_SRC
static CTEXTSTR normal_punctuation=WIDE("'"\({[<>]}):@%/,;!?=*&$^~#`"); 
This is function sack::containers::text::CompareStrings. 
This is function sack::containers::text::CreateUserInputBuffer. 
This is function sack::containers::text::DestroyUserInputBuffer. 
PTEXT DumpText( PTEXT somestring ) PTExT (single data segment with full description r in text
This is function sack::containers::text::EnqueUserInputHistory. 
This is function sack::containers::text::FlattenLine. 
This is function sack::containers::text::FloatCreateFromSeg. 
This is function sack::containers::text::FloatCreateFromText. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GatherUserInput. 
similar to GetIndirect - but results in the literal pointer instead of the text that the application may have registered to result with. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GetIndirect. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GetSegmentLength. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GetSegmentLengthEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GetSegmentSpace. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GetSegmentSpaceEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GetText. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GetTextFlags. 
This is function sack::containers::text::GetTextSize. 
This is function sack::containers::text::IntCreateFromSeg. 
This is function sack::containers::text::IntCreateFromText. 
Tests the content of a PTEXT to see if it might be a number. 
This is function sack::containers::text::LikeText. 
This is function sack::containers::text::LineDuplicateEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::LineLengthExEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::LineLengthExx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::LineReleaseEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::RecallUserInput. 
by registering for TF_APPLICTION is set on the segment and flags anded with the segment flags match, the function is called.... the result is the actual segment of this - since a TF_APPLICATION is also TF_INDIRECT - using the size to point to some application defined structure instead of a PTEXT structure. 
these return 1 for more(l1>l2) -1 for (l1 
This is function sack::containers::text::SegAppend. 
This is function sack::containers::text::SegBreak. 
This is function sack::containers::text::SegConcatEx. 
#define LikeText( l1, l2 ) ( strnicmp( GetText(l1), GetText(l2), textmin( GetTextSize(l1), GetTextSize(l2) ) ) ) #define TextIs(text,string) ( !stricmp( GetText(text), string ) ) #define TextLike(text,string) ( !stricmp( GetText(text), string ) ) 
This is function sack::containers::text::SegCreateFrom_64Ex. 
Removes a segment from a list. It also releases the segment. 
removes segment from any list it might be in, returns segment. This substitutes a text segment 'this' with 'that.
The segment may be substituted by a list of segments. (Replace the word 'the' with ('this','little','apple') ). 
Inserts a segment before another segment. 

See Also
This is function sack::containers::text::SegSubst. 
Removes a segment from a list of segments. Links what was prior and what was after together. Sets both next and prior of the segment unlinked to NULL. 
Used to set the content of a segment to some application defined value. This allows a users application to store chunks of data in lists of text. These external chunks are handled like other words. 
bInsert < 0 toggle insert. bInsert == 0 clear isnert(set overwrite) else set insert (clear overwrite ) 
Updates the current input position, for things like input, etc. Some external process indicates where in the line to set the cursor position. 
Compares if text is like a C string. Case Sensitive.
TRUE if they are alike.
FALSE if they are different.
Compares if text is like a C string. Case insensitive (like). 
text parse - more generic flavor of burst.
static CTEXTSTR normal_punctuation=WIDE("'"\({[<>]}):@%/,;!?=*&$^~#`"); filter_to_space WIDE(" t") 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextAddCharacterEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextCreateEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextCreateExEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextDestroyEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextEmptyEx. 
move any collected text to commit... Commits the currently collected text to segment, and adds the segment to the internal line accumulator. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextExpandEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextGetEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextInitEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextLength. 
This is function sack::containers::text::VarTextPeekEx. 
This is function sack::containers::text::vvtprintf. 
This is function sack::containers::text::WcharConvert. 
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