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The following table lists functions in this documentation.

This is function sack::logging::_vxlprintf. 
This is function sack::logging::_xlprintf. 
result in nano seconds - thousanths of a millisecond... 
This is function sack::logging::GetCPUFrequency. 
return the current CPU tick 
This is function sack::logging::GetPackedTime. 
This is function sack::logging::GetTimeEx. 
Log a binary buffer. Logs lines representing 16 bytes of data at a time. The hex of each byte in a buffer followed by the text is logged.
This is function sack::logging::LogBinaryEx. 
This is function sack::logging::LogBinaryFL. 
utility function to format a cpu delta into a buffer... end-start is always printed... therefore tick_end-0 is print absolute time... formats as millisecond.NNN 
This is function sack::logging::ProtectLoggedFilenames. 
This is function sack::logging::SetSyslogOptions. 
This is function sack::logging::SetSystemLog. 
logging level defaults to 1000 which is log everything 
This is function sack::logging::SystemLog. 
This is function sack::logging::SystemLogEx. 
This is function sack::logging::SystemLogFL. 
Specify how time is logged. 
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