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Structs, Records, Enums

The following table lists structs, records, enums in this documentation.

Parameters for SetSystemLog() to specify where the logging should go. 
this is a flag set consisting of 0 or more or'ed symbols 
When setting options using SetSyslogOptions() these are the defines for the bits passed.
SYSLOG_OPT_OPENAPPEND - the file, when opened, will be opened for append.
SYSLOG_OPT_OPEN_BACKUP - the file, if it exists, will be renamed automatically.
SYSLOG_OPT_LOG_PROGRAM_NAME - enable logging the program executable (probably the same for all messages, unless they are network)
SYSLOG_OPT_LOG_THREAD_ID - enables logging the unique process and thread ID.
SYSLOG_OPT_LOG_SOURCE_FILE - enable logging source file information. See DBG_PASS
SYSLOG_OPT_MAX - used for declaring a flagset to pass to setoptions. 
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