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The following table lists types in this documentation.

pointer to a structure defining a sprite draw method this should be defined in render namespace... 
color data raw... 
a 4 byte array of color (not really used, we mostly went with CDATA and PCDATA instead of COLOR and PCOLOR 
A fixed point decimal number (for freetype font rendering) 
Contains information about a font for drawing and rendering from a font file. 
A structure which contains all information about a font so that it may be rendered again exactly the same. 
One of the two primary types that the image library works with. 
#ifndef IMAGE_STRUCTURE_DEFINED #define IMAGE_STRUCTURE_DEFINED consider minimal size - +/- 32000 should be enough for display purposes. print... well that's another matter. 
An unsigned value coordinate pair to track the size of images. 
An array of 2 IMAGE_COORDINATES - [0] = x, [1] = y 
Represents the width and height of an image (unsigned values) 
This is type sack::image::ImageFile. 
Pointer to a IMAGE_EXTENT 
Pointer to an IMAGE_POINT 
pointer to an array of 32 bit colors 
A Pointer to COLOR. Probably an array of color (a block of pixels for instance) 
types of data which may result... 
Information to render a font from a file to memory
pointer to a sprite type. 
A Sprite type. Adds position and rotation and motion factors to an image. Hooks into the render system to get an update to draw on a temporary layer after the base rendering is done. 
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