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sack::containers::BinaryTree::CreateBinaryTreeExtended Function
__cdecl TYPELIB_PROC PTREEROOT CreateBinaryTreeExtended(_32 flags, GenericCompare Compare, GenericDestroy Destroy DBG_PASS);

when adding a node if Compare is NULL the default method of a basic unsigned integer compare on the key value is done. if Compare is specified the specified key value of the orginal node (old) and of the new node (new) is added. Result of compare should be ( <0 (lesser)) ( 0 (equal)) ( >0 (greater))

int CPROC MyGenericCompare( PTRSZVAL oldnode,PTRSZVAL newnode )
       return 1;
   else if(oldnode<newnode)
       return -1;
   else return 0;
   return (oldnode>newnode)? 1
          :(oldnode<newnode)? -1
void CPROC MyGenericDestroy(POINTER user, PTRSZVAL key)
   /* do something custom with your user data and or key value */
PTREEROOT tree = CreateBinaryTreeExtended( 0 // BT_OPT_NODUPLICATES
                                         , MyGenericCompare
                                         , MyGenericDestroy
                                         DBG_SRC );
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