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sack::containers::text::IsIntNumber Macro
#define IsIntNumber(p, pint) IsSegAnyNumberEx( &(p), NULL, pint, NULL, 0 )

IsSegAnyNumber returns 0 if no, 1 if is int, 2 if is float if pfNumber or piNumber are available then the text pointer will be updated to the next segment after what was used to resolve the number. bUseAllSegs is for testing pTexts which are indirect, such that only all segments within the indirect segment will result valid. pfNumber and piNumber may be passed as NULL, and the function can still be used to determine ifnumber the number resulting in the values pointed to will be filled in with (*pfNumber)=FltCreateFromSeg(p) (or Int as appropriate) 

#define IsNumber(p) IsSegAnyNumberEx( &(p), NULL, NULL, NULL, 0 )

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