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sack::filesys Namespace

This is namespace sack::filesys.

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returns pointer passed (if it worked?) 
This is a new feature added for supporting systems without a current file location. This gets an integer ID of a group of files by name.
the name 'default' is used to specify files to go into the 'current working directory' 
An extended function, which returns a _64 bit time appropriate for the current platform. This is meant to replace 'stat'. It can get all commonly checked attributes of a file. 
last modification time. 
result is length of name filled into pResult if pResult == NULL && nResult = 0 the result will the be length of the name matching the file. 
Returns the size of the file. 
A boolean result function whether a specified name is a directory or not. (if not, assumes it's a file). 
Creates a directory. If parent peices of the directory do not exist, those parts are created also. 
searches a path for the first '/' or 
searches a path for the last '/' or 
This is function sack::filesys::pathrchr. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_close. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_creat. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_fclose. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_fopen. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_fread. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_fseek. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_fwrite. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_lseek. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_openfile. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_prepend_path. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_read. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_rename. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_unlink. 
This is function sack::filesys::sack_write. 
This is function sack::filesys::ScanDrives. 
ScanFiles usage: base - base path to scan mask - file mask to process if NULL or "*" is everything "*.*" must contain a . pInfo is a pointer to a void* - this pointer is used to maintain internal information... Process is called with the full name of any matching files subcurse is a flag - set to go into all subdirectories looking for files. There is no way to abort the scan... 
This is function sack::filesys::SetCurrentPath. 
Windows-CE File Extra Support 
last modification time. 
This is function sack::filesys::SetGroupFilePath. 
ifdef UNDER_CE 
writes done at eof 
create and open file 
open only if file doesn't already exist 
open for reading only 
open for reading and writing 
open and truncate 
open for writing only 
This is macro sack::filesys::S_IRUSR. 
This is macro sack::filesys::S_IWUSR. 
This is macro sack::filesys::SYSPATHCHAR. 
This is record sack::filesys::ScanFileFlags. 
flags sent to Process when called with a matching name 
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