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sack::filesys::GetFileTimeAndSize Function
FILESYS_PROC _32 FILESYS_API GetFileTimeAndSize(CTEXTSTR name, LPFILETIME lpCreationTime, LPFILETIME lpLastAccessTime, LPFILETIME lpLastWriteTime, int * IsDirectory);
name of the file to get information about 
LPFILETIME lpCreationTime 
pointer to a FILETIME type to get creation time. can be NULL. 
LPFILETIME lpLastAccessTime 
pointer to a FILETIME type to get access time. can be NULL. 
LPFILETIME lpLastWriteTime 
pointer to a FILETIME type to get write time. can be NULL. 
int * IsDirectory 
pointer to a LOGICAL to receive indicator whether the file was a directory. can be NULL. 

Returns the size of the file. or -1 if the file did not exist.

An extended function, which returns a _64 bit time appropriate for the current platform. This is meant to replace 'stat'. It can get all commonly checked attributes of a file.

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