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sack::image::BlotImage Macro
#define BlotImage( pd, ps, x, y ) BlotImageEx( pd, ps, x, y, TRUE, BLOT_COPY )
Image to copy to 
Image to copy from 
left coordinate to copy image to 
upper coordinate to copy image to 

Copy one image to another. Copies the source from 0,0 to the destination 0,0 of the minimum width and height of the smaller of the source or destination.

This creates an image to write to, creates an image to copy (a 64 by 64 square that is filled with 50% green color). And copies the image to the output buffer.

Image output = MakeImageFile( 1024, 768 );
Image source = MakeImageFile( 64, 64 );
// 50% transparent
ClearImageTo( source, SetAlpha( BASE_COLOR_GREEN, 128 ) );
ClearImage( output );
BlotImage( output, source, 100, 100 );
BlotImageAlpha( output, source, 200, 200 );


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