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sack::image::InternalRenderFont Function
__cdecl IMAGE_PROC Font InternalRenderFont(_32 nFamily, _32 nStyle, _32 nFile, S_16 nWidth, S_16 nHeight, _32 flags);
_32 nFamily 
The number of the family in the cache. 
_32 nStyle 
The number of the style in the cache. 
_32 nFile 
The number of the file in the cache. 
S_16 nWidth 
the width to use for rendering characters (in pixels) 
S_16 nHeight 
the width to use for rendering characters (in pixels) 
_32 flags 
0 = render mono. 2=render 2 bits, 3=render 8 bit. 

A Font which can be used to output. If the file exists. NULL on failure.

Creates a font based on indexes from the internal font cache. This is used by the FontPicker dialog to choose a font. The data the dialog used to render the font is available to the application, and may be passed back for rendering a font without knowing specifically what the values mean.

Used internally for FontPicker dialog, see InternalRenderFontFile

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