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sack::image::PutCharacterVerticalInvertFont Function
__cdecl IMAGE_PROC void PutCharacterVerticalInvertFont(Image pImage, S_32 x, S_32 y, CDATA color, CDATA background, TEXTCHAR c, Font font);
#define PutCharacterInvertVertical(i,x,y,fore,back,c) PutCharacterInvertVerticalFont(i,x,y,fore,back,c,NULL )
#define PutCharacterInvertVerticalFont(i,x,y,fore,back,c,f) PutCharacterVerticalInvertFont(i,x,y,fore,back,c,f )

Outputs a character in the specified font, from the specified point, text is drawn from the point up, with the characters aligned with the top to the left; it goes up from the point. the point becomes the bottom left of the rectangle output. Parameters

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