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sack::image::PutStringVerticalFontEx Function
__cdecl IMAGE_PROC void PutStringVerticalFontEx(Image pImage, S_32 x, S_32 y, CDATA color, CDATA background, CTEXTSTR pc, _32 nLen, Font font);
#define PutStringVertical(pi,x,y,fore,back,pc) PutStringVerticalFontEx( pi, x, y, fore, back, pc, strlen(pc), NULL )
#define PutStringVerticalEx(pi,x,y,color,back,pc,len) PutStringVerticalFontEx( pi, x, y, color,back,pc,len,NULL )
#define PutStringVerticalFont(pi,x,y,fore,back,pc,font) PutStringVerticalFontEx(pi,x,y,fore,back,pc,strlen(pc), font )
Image pImage 
image to draw string into 
S_32 x 
x position of the string 
S_32 y 
y position of the string 
CDATA color 
color of the data drawn in the font 
CDATA background 
color of the data not drawn in the font 
pointer to constant text 
_32 nLen 
length of text to output 
Font font 
the font to use. NULL use an internal default font. 

Outputs a string in the specified font, from the specified point, text is drawn from the point down, with the characters aligned with the top to the right; it goes down from the point. the point becomes the top right of the rectangle output.

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