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sack::image::do_lineExV Variable
IMAGE_PROC_D void (__cdecl * do_lineExV)(Image pImage, S_32 x, S_32 y , S_32 xto, S_32 yto, CDATA color , void (*func)( Image pif, S_32 x, S_32 y, int d ));
the image to pretend to draw on 
draw from this x coordinate 
draw from this y coordinate 
draw to this x coordinate 
draw to this y coordinate 
userdata (color data) 
user callback function to a function of type...
void func( Image pif, S_32 x, S_32 y, int d ) ; 

routine which iterates through the points along a lone from x,y to xto,yto, calling a user function at each point.

The Image passed does not HAVE to be an Image, it can be any user POINTER

The data passed is limited to 32 bits, and will not hold a pointer if built for 64 bit platform.

Image image;
void MyPlotter( Image image, S_32 x, S_32 y, CDATA color )
    // do something with the image at x,y
void UseMyPlotter( Image image )
    do_lineExV( image, 10, 10, 80, 80, BASE_COLOR_BLACK, MyPlotter );
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