Documentation Project 1

Includes the system platform as required or appropriate. If under a linux system, include appropriate basic linux type headers, if under windows pull "windows.h". 


Includes the MOST stuff here ( a full windows.h parse is many many lines of code.)

A macro to build a wide character string of __FILE 
A symbol used to cause a debugger to break at a certain point. Sometimes dynamicly loaded plugins can be hard to set the breakpoint in the debugger, so it becomes easier to recompile with a breakpoint in the right place. 
return with a THREAD_ID that is a unique, universally identifier for the thread for inter process communication. 
This is macro GetCurrentThreadId. 
This is macro GetLastError. 
windef.h has MAX_PATH 
Define a min(a,b) macro when the compiler lacks it. 
sometimes PATH_MAX is what's used, well it's should be MAXPATH which is MAX_PATH 
moved into timers - please linnk vs timers to get Sleep... #define Sleep(n) (usleep((n)*1000)) 
multiple inclusion protection symbol 
This is macro WIDE__FILE__. 
apparently we don't use this anymore... #include // also has a getenv defined.. 
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